Black Community Matters is a constituted group made up of the majority of co-creators of the Black Lives Matter Derby Manifesto which was launched in July 2020; we are now building on this work ensuring that agencies act upon the manifesto and developing grassroots projects.

Our Aims:

Improve the quality of life of the black [1] community in Derby, Derbyshire and further afield, by highlighting institutional racial, economic, educational and cultural oppression and contributing to attitudes and policy changes which address that oppression.

Work in collaboration with groups and allies [2] with whom we have shared goals and interests to support and further the advancement of racial equality and associated economic, education and health justice

Our Objectives:

  • Combat Racism through grassroots activism and cultural, economic, political education;
  • Create safe spaces and support for the black community, whilst working proactively to prevent crisis and being responsive when crisis occurs;
  • Amplify and increase black presence and voices in Derby, Derbyshire and beyond;
  • Celebrate and raise awareness of black history, culture and contribution.

[1] A member of the Black Community is defined as anyone of African/Caribbean origin/descent and those who identify as African/African Caribbean origin (including those of dual/mixed heritage and culture).

[2] We define an ally as an individual/organisation that aligns with, and supports our cause and fight against racial injustice and for social, political and economic rights and equality.