Derby was shining as we showcased a variety of local black community groups and projects at our launch event.

Nearly 60 people gathered with us on Martin Luther King Day, Monday 18th January 2021, for the virtual event. The event opened with a warm welcome and an introduction to Black Community Matters (BCM), founder Committee members and co-creators of the Black Lives Matter Derby Manifesto and powerful film sharing the story of events leading up to this point. Information about BCM initiatives was shared including a Status of the Black Community in Derby survey, a petition to resurrect the Derby Racial Equality Council, & Crowdfunder, projects to maintain momentum on the implementation of the manifesto and grassroots projects. This was followed by the first Black Table Talks, in partnership with Open Doors Forum, offering a space for local black community groups to share their goals, news and projects to help nurture connections and collaboration. Participants were asked if it would be valuable to have regular Black Table Talks, and how frequently, to shape future plans. Participants voted for quarterly events.

Feedback included: “This is what’s been missing and what’s needed – all groups coming together” “Your community is behind you! All speakers today! Keep up the good work” “Thank you for this evening, really inspiring” “Brilliant really informative” “Very good video and the aims and objectives are a very positive approach” “Thank you for this powerful video- all of the work in creating it, and the manifesto!” “Thank you sooo much for informing me that was a brilliant meeting!” “That video was beautifully powerful” “What an amazing evening…so much going on…so many hands to carry the load and get things done…Thank you all so much” “Thanks for organising an excellent meeting” “Thank you! it’s been great and so refreshing to hear for our young people, I am so glad I came. I feel inspired” “Being new to the Derby community work its been great to get insight in to all of these organisations” “A big thank you to the speakers and everyone who has shared. This has been great. Great to see so many attendees” “Many thanks for a really constructive event. Hope the groups can continue to collaborate in order to strengthen our community” “Thanks all this was amazing” “Brilliantly done” “Thank you all for an insightful evening” “Thank you for the invite , it’s lovely to hear what’s happening in Derby” “Thank you so much, really motivating to see everyone’s work and passion”