Black Community Matters (BCM) unequivocally and categorically denounces the abhorrent racial and personal abuse levelled at Jason Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bukayu Saka. We support, stand and take the knee together with the England Football Team. We are proud of these amazing young men who are choosing to use their platform to effect community change across several issues, including poverty, disability rights, LGBTQ+ and racial equality.

We would also, at this time, like to appeal to the media, in particular, to stop derailing the important issue of race and racism with biased, trivial coverage and rhetoric, and for once contribute to a fair and balanced discussion towards achieving real change.

We call on the current government to retract and review the findings of its commissioned report which concluded that there is ‘no evidence of institutional racism and that Britain is a role model for other White majority countries’ and instead work together with Ethnically Minoritised communities and organisations  to address the real and lived experience of said racism.

We call on this government to end its culture war which seeks the kind of division which leaves the poorest in our society fighting over the crumbs from ‘the big table’,  and instead, institute policies which address the issues of poverty,  discrimination and disproportionationality in the Criminal Justice System, wherever they exists and or whomever they affect.

We call on this government to address the ongoing problem of the hostile environment which resulted in the Windrush Scandal. This hostile environment has created a protracted Asylum process which leaves Asylum Seekers in limbo, unable to get on with their lives, continues to effect surreptitious deportations and has seen many of those affected by the Windrush scandal still waiting for justice.

Locally in Derby and Derbyshire we ask all statutory and other relevant organisations who signed up to, and, or, received a copy of the Black Lives Matter Manifesto (BLM) July 31 2020, to review and evaluate how they have addressed the concerns of the Black  community (beyond lip service and platitudes) and are setting about effecting the necessary change.

Finally, as a Black led working class organisation, who believes in equality, fairness and justice for all, we make this statement standing in unshakeable solidarity with our White, Asian and all other working class, friends and neighbours.

Black Community Matters (BCM)

Co-authors of Derby Black Lives Matter Manifesto.